Outdoor Living

  On our quest to save money and live with less, my girlfriend and I decided to move outdoors and set up a camp in our friend’s back yard last summer.  This turned out to be an awesome adventure and […]

Permaculture of the Self

Are we as human beings part of nature?  The ‘system’, as it is set up presently, would have us think not so much, but of course that is not the case.  We are most certainly part of nature.  A very […]

My Hugelkultur

What the heck is hugelkultur?? Well hugelkultur is the idea of making raised garden beds by putting soil on wood.  In the above picture, you can see the concept at work on the hugelkultur we built this summer.  The wood […]


  Having covered the ethics and definitions of main stream permaculture, we had better talk about the last core theme; the principles. Different big-time permaculture guys have different principles, but the main set seems to be the ones articulated by […]


  Continuing on from my last post, I think we better talk a bit about the ethics of permaculture. But first let me throw out another definition for you. Permaculture is an ethical design science, based in positivism, working toward […]

Permaculture Definitions

  When it comes to defining permaculture, there seem to be as many definitions as there are people practicing.  Having  said that, let’s pick some of my favourite ways of summing it all up. Here we have the guy who […]