I figured it would be a good idea to make a page of links to some of my favourite sites.



I would say Geoff Lawton’s website would be the best place for someone just getting into permaculture to go and check out.  Go there, enter you email and you get access to over 25 super high quality videos covering a wide range of awesome aspects of permaculture.  There is no other place on the web where you are going to get such high quality video material for free.  Geoff is the face of permaculture right now and works from the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia, which is getting enough money now to host online Permaculture Design Courses.



The next place to check out is Paul Wheaton’s website richsoil.com.  Here you can read Paul’s various articles on some of his favourite things about permaculture.  He also has links to his youtube videos, which he has over 150 of detailing all sorts of permaculture related things.  These videos are not as high a production quality as Geoff’s, but they are quite informative.  Paul also has access to his pod casts here.  These pod casts are an excellent source of quality information on Paul’s views on huge range of permaculture topics.  There are over 300 pod casts to listen to now and for anyone who enjoys pod casts and permaculture, I would highly recommend listening to what Paul has to say.  You can also sign up to his email list, where he sends out info about cool stuff he is up to and promos for free books.



Paul also runs the largest Permaculture site on the internet, the Permies.com forums.  This is easily the biggest and best place to find free permaculture information on a massive diversity of topics.  These forums are the place to go when you want to start learning about specific topics.  The forums are very active with lots of pictures of people’s projects and people answering questions.  Go to Permies.com and check it out.



Another awesome place to check out is Sepp Holzer’s site.  Sepp Holzer is the man when it comes to permaculture.  He has set up the most amazing farm in the Austrian alps at 1100-1500 meters (3600-5000 feet) above sea level!  At these altitudes, where everyone told him he would never be able to farm, he is able to grow citrus with the micro climates he created.  Check him out on youtube as well.  Paul Wheaton is also a huge Sepp fan and has lots of info about him on his sites.



Over at Possible Media they have some really nice permaculture videos and are from Montreal.  They also have some excellent dvd quality movies they made and funded through kickstarter.  Some excellent stuff here.  Go check them out.


Early Retirement Extreme is an excellent blog about a guy who became financially independent in five years.  Not so much pure permaculture as the other guys above, but the philosophy here definitely applies.  As the tag line says, this site is a combination of simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self-reliance, and applied capitalism.  Some really great posts on here to help you live a life with more time for things you love and less time working hard for someone else.


Another blog with extreme savings in mind.  Check out Mr. Money Mustache.  He has good articles and is a funny guy all in one.

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  1. Great to find your site here via Permies. I’m going to submit your debt-free homestead post to TheBrilliantHomestead.com and get it re-posted with a link back to you: great advice. Keep up the good work.

  2. Check out thePOoSH.org! A great resource for permaculture projects around the world.

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