Here is a list of excellent permaculture related books I have read and written review/summaries on.

Sepp Holzer is the man when it comes to permaculture and his book is excellent.  Very information dense in a practical way.  Highly recommended for anyone with more than a couple acres to work with.  If you really want to make nature work for you, this book shows you how.  Learn more about the book here.

Here is a most excellent book for those looking to plant edible forest gardens.  This book is incredibly detailed and has massive tables of useful plants.  Most useful for smaller scale food forests, but still a very good resource for anyone interested in the subject.  Learn more here.

Thinking you might like to get into using greywater?  This is the book to get.  The single best greywater resource book out there.  Design and build a simple set up in a day for under $40 or go all out with a fancy pants design!  It’s all here plus more.  You won’t be disappointed.  Learn more here.


Not sure about what perennial vegetables to grow or how to grow them?  This book will guide you on your quest of gardening with less work.  Lots of plants listed with detailed information on how to grow them.  Learn more here.


Here is a must read for anyone thinking of moving out to start up a homestead and do it without going into debt.  A fun read with lots of good stuff to think about before jumping in and getting a loan.  Learn more here.


For those seeking the good life of living with a group of like minded people and looking out for each other.  This book is a necessary read.  So much good info on starting and keeping communities together.  Learn more here.

Here is a book for those serious about building a cheap, efficient home with the materials from your land.  The ideas presented in this book are great and it’s really fun to read.  Learn more here.


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