Me on a hugelkultur being built


My name is Simon Johnson and I am crazy about permaculture.  I’ve been studying and implementing many aspects there of for a few years now.


My Permaculture

This blog is my way of putting my accumulated experiences, knowledge, ideas, and philosophies concerning what falls under my idea of permaculture in one place.  Reading through will help you understand some key concepts, learn new things, and get some food for thought.


Your thoughts here
  1. Good job!! Keep up the good work, Simon!!

  2. Love your site. I have been reading it all day. Great information and resources.

  3. Glad to find your blog, Simon. I followed your hugelkultur story and terrific pictures on permies.com last year when I was creating a hugelkultur myself, and you were nice enough to answer a question for me. I was disappointed not to see updates there this spring and am delighted to discover you’ve posted so much here. Thanks for putting in all the effort this must take.

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