Monthly Archives: November 2014

Permaculture Planning & Time Line

I came across this thread over at and it got me thinking about a “Permaculture Implementation Plan”.  I think I would structure this as list of things to get done in order of importance.  These could be generally listed […]

The $50 & Up Underground House Book

  Now here is a cool book!  Mike Oehler presents some most excellent ideas for low cost, low tech, natural building methods, which he has demonstrated to last 30 plus years thus far.  Using methods presented in this book of […]

The Woodland Way

  I recently finished reading Ben Law’s book ‘The Woodland Way‘ and thought I would post a little review. Overall this is a great book for anyone who is looking to learn about woodland management.  Ben Law has been living […]

Cool Kickstarter and Earthship Discussion

  First off I wanted to point everyone in the direction of this Possible Media site.  This site is run by a guy from Montreal and has some good permaculture related videos he has made. He also has a few […]

Permaculture Guilds

  We’ll  have a look at guilds in permaculture today. Let’s see what the dictionaries have to say about a guild. “an organized group of people who have joined together because they share the same job or interest” Or; “ […]

Geoff Lawton

    If you haven’t gone over to Geoff Lawton’s site yet, now is the time! Geoff and his team have been putting out super high quality videos for about a year now.  He has been traveling all around the […]

Extreme Saving

Saving money, in our current society, has become somewhat of a massive challenge for people.  Unless they are super rich, people seem to have just enough money to get by, and maybe, a little left over to put in the […]


Let’s have a look at the earthship building design concept and see what it’s all about. I’ll start off by listing the basic design principles behind the earthship and then go into more detail later. 1.  Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling […]

Outdoor Living

  On our quest to save money and live with less, my girlfriend and I decided to move outdoors and set up a camp in our friend’s back yard last summer.  This turned out to be an awesome adventure and […]

Permaculture of the Self

Are we as human beings part of nature?  The ‘system’, as it is set up presently, would have us think not so much, but of course that is not the case.  We are most certainly part of nature.  A very […]